Establish an equitable foundation in personal finance for all students

Help students learn the impacts of money and financial stability (before they need to know)

Infuse money moments in your curriculum that encourage students to plan, budget and invest.

Customized app solutions for K-12 and Higher Education

Simulations to aid students in hands-on learning

Age-appropriate literacy with topics most pertinent to the student’s financial


Wemblr-ED is an interactive gaming EDTech app that engages students in financial processes and strategies.

Students interact with financial scenarios that introduce a variety of events that impact financial circumstances.

Students activate their inner motivation to confidently manage their money post-graduation.

Students recognize the value in strategically building their wealth over time.

The Youth of today are the Workforce of tomorrow.

They need financial solutions that speak their upbeat language and engage their intelligent minds.

They need multi-dimensional facets of personal finance that are inevitably bound to impact their future.

They need Wemblr-ED to be part of their comprehensive curriculum.

Gear up for an interactive app solution that engages students in Secondary and Tertiary Stages of Education

Elevate the financial prowess of your Students

Empower critical thinking with real world, interactive simulations

Encourage a keen awareness of the financial marketplace

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