Money Basics

“Money Basics” are the rudiments and fundamentals of personal finance - budgeting, planning and saving.

The fundamental concepts of personal finance have an indirect impact on Organizations around the world. The mission of Wemblr’s CEO is to help Organizations understand the magnitude of the impact and recognize that a paycheck is an Employee’s earned exchange for their work. When Employers neglect the additional unseen, unspoken basic financial needs of Employees, it creates the following:

Negative impact to the flow of an organization’s revenue due to productivity loss

Increase in recruiting and retention expenses due to Employee resignations

Threat to lucrative business growth and expansion due to reduced Staff

Gain a transparent illustration of:

Key observations from the ground floor of the workplace

Fresh ideas that inspire organizations to shift with confidence

Perspectives from real Employees and Employers

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Money Basics Tour

Important Disclosure – COVID-19: Wemblr’s belief in research and analytics does not end with personal or corporate level finance. We are confident in the science behind the COVID-19 vaccine and highly recommend it to those who are eligible. Wemblr requires the vaccine of any direct employee travelling on our behalf or any direct employee making in-person contact with our distinguished Clients and Prospects.